RONIN Release: Wednesday 27th March 2024

New Object Storage Bucket Migration and Management Screen for Admins! IPV4 pricing, improved support communication methods, improved RONIN audit logging, bucket creation dates and more Windows launch script options!

RONIN Release: Wednesday 27th March 2024

Major Features

Admin Bucket Migration Screen - Securely migrate buckets between RONIN projects and manage permissions all in one place!

  • RONIN Administrators can now easily migrate object storage buckets from one RONIN project to another with our new admin object store management screen!
  • Bucket permissions can easily be viewed and edited from this screen, as well as the ability to delete buckets (as long as they are empty).

Note: All access keys and permissions for the bucket will be deleted upon migration to another project

Minor Features

  • IPv4 pricing is now included in the machine cost summary breakdown for running machines.
  • Administrators now have the option to either enable or disable RONIN Package launch scripts being run every time a Windows machine is rebooted or started (for existing Windows packages, the default is enabled).
  • All RONIN email alerts will now be sent automatically to a single specified global administrator email address, as well as the project-level assigned email addresses.
  • An internal support link (rather than an email address) can be provided when users would like to request access to RONIN or resume a paused project in RONIN.
  • When using the "Search all projects" admin screen, only Active projects are shown rather than all Active and Closed projects.
  • Improved audit logging for all actions in the RONIN interface.
  • Creation dates have been added to object storage bucket keys.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where machine management modals were not displaying properly when using the filter on the machine summary screen
  • Fixed a bug where machine prices were not showing correctly on the machine summary screen if the respective base operating system was later disabled in the RONIN package catalogue.
  • Fixed bug where read-only bucket permissions would not allow files to be downloaded via Cyberduck